Visual Approvals Building Approval Software

Visual Approvals software has been
proven* to increase productivity by
at least 26% over a 12 month period.


*Results confirmed in recent trials comparing electronic to manual processes.

Visual Approvals is verified as compliant for the NSW BPB Certification Data Reporting and interfaces to the VBA’s Building Activity Management System (BAMS). These regulatory reports are included as standard in Visual Approvals’ pricing plans.


Visual Approvals – a fully integrated software solution for the complete building certification process.

In an industry where rigour, efficiency and accuracy are mandatory, Visual Approvals ensures that no detail is missed and that nothing is overlooked. The power and reliability of Visual Approvals strengthens your internal processes, improves your customer service standards and helps your business to truly excel.

  • Track Every Detail

  • Powerful Data Integration

  • Consolidate Complex Information

  • Reliable Communication Processes

  • Hosting Flexibility

  • Fully Integrated Software

No other software package on the market is able to offer the level of comprehensive, fully integrated functionality which Visual Approvals can bring to your business. So, aside from saving your business time and money, and potentially increasing your profits, how else will our software benefit your business?

While the potential benefits are many and varied, they fall within three key areas - Accuracy, Accountability and Advantage.

Accuracy | Accountability | Advantage

Accuracy. Simplify the inherently complex building approval process, without compromising accuracy. The building approvals industry is focussed on details, concerned with reducing liability, and mitigating risks. Visual Approvals understands this, with accurate data collection and reliable record-keeping tools underpinning the entire software package.

Accuracy | Accountability | Advantage

Accountability. The Visual Approvals solution takes a complete end-to-end view of the building certification process. This means that our software is specifically designed to ensure accountability is maintained throughout, with in-built safe guards and cross checks to maximise productivity and minimise the potential for error.

Accuracy | Accountability | Advantage

Advantage. Give your business a significant competitor advantage. Visual Approvals is a fully integrated solution with the power to automate all of your documentation processes. Compile, edit, save and send document sets with ease - such as a selection of site plan pages, application forms, and an invoice for your services - all with just 3 mouse clicks.

How much will your business save with Visual Approvals?

The Visual Approvals monthly-based (pay-as-you-go) subscription model offers your business a complete software solution which saves you time and money! By reducing manual processes, printing and associated labour costs.

Number of Approvals Icon # of Approvals


Manual Processing Costs


up to $264,795.20

* Manual costs include: postage, envelopes, paper, printing, manila folders, phone calls, labour for administration, assessment, certifying and inspections.

“In short, Visual Approvals has been written for the way we, as certifiers, do business. It takes a lot of the “guess work” out of the approval process and gives us confidence that all the details are taken care of and all the data for each project is securely stored.”
“No other package I know of does as much as Visual Approvals. It handles much more than just approvals — it’s a complete business package that enables you to manage, monitor and audit your finances, issue decision notices, make on screen assessments, electronically annotate plans, and much more.”
professional certification group

“SMS is working very well, we receive about 3 to 4 telephone calls each day to reschedule inspections from the SMS. We have noticed the reduction in inspections being cancelled on the day, which is making our inspectors more profitable.”

“VA is a necessity for any serious Building Surveyor / Certifier. It simplifies the process and ensures a high level of service to the client. The support is fantastic with response times generally the same day.”
“The system is the best I’ve seen, the support is great, always prompt and effective, the pricing structure while different to most other packages I feel it is a better way of paying for an IT package. “
“VA supports all the aspects of our business from the assessment and inspection stages, processing of council applications, document generation, invoicing and ordering requirements as well emailing. VA also provides clear and accurate checking processes for our staff and allows easy tracking of a job’s progress.”
“Since changing over to VA, we have been able to streamline our assessment processes whilst maintaining a consistent approach to the assessments via the checklist system, work remotely with ease, and move to a virtually paperless office.”
regional certification group
“Visual Approvals has never let my company down and my staff find it not only easy to use but with a support section that is very user-friendly”.
Ian Mills, Manager, Regional Certification Group

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