• Visual Approvals 2019 User Group Conferences

That’s a wrap for this year’s User Group Conferences!

This month Visual Approvals held their 2019 User Group Conferences in Melbourne and Brisbane on the 15th & 22nd March, respectively. We welcomed 40 attendees from across VA client base and we’re happy to report that the conferences were a great success!

This was the first time we ran conferences in two locations, tailoring the relevancy of sessions to our audience. This format was very well received by all attendees, with an overwhelming 100% of survey respondents saying they would attend another User Group Conference in the future.

Andre kicked off proceedings by welcoming our clients to the conference. Dean and Gayle shared their insight on the Preferences module along with tips on setting up templates and how to get the most out of the Knowledge Base.

Erin Dunn from GMA Certification spoke about her experience building Checklists in Visual Approvals. This session was extremely popular with attendees as they saw first hand the power of a linked checklist and how easily they can be customised.

A lively discussion followed on each of the individual states data reporting requirements for the NSW BPB, VBA & QBCC.

In the afternoon, Andre demonstrated the client web portal and the latest enhancements to the Visual Inspector iPad app. Each conference concluded with an overview of the next-generation of software enhancements planned for Visual Approvals.

There were many opportunities for attendees to network and get to know members of the VA team. What’s more,  the AIBS have awarded 5.5 Class D CPD points to certifiers who attended one of the conferences!

We’re very thankful to our clients for their participation and commitment to our user group conferences. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Melbourne VA User Group ConferenceBrisbane VA User Group Conference