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3 Reasons Why every Building Surveyor should invest in Building Certification Software

The building approval process in Australia is complex and heavily regulated, which is why you need software that helps you solve the legal and operational challenges you face every day. Below, we outline the three main ways that our building certification and approval software helps you succeed in an increasingly challenging industry. 

3 reasons why building certification software helps you 

If you’re in the building approvals industry, you’re looking for three things: accountability, accuracy, and a competitive advantage. Building certification software helps you achieve these goals and more. Here’s how

Accountability: improved efficiency

Your building certification process should be as efficient as possible, and with this in mind Visual Approvals has designed and enhances its building certification software. Our fully integrated software allows you to automate your documentation process, saving you time and resources so you can focus on getting the job done. 

You won’t compromise on accountability, either – the software comes complete with cross-checking and other error-reducing safeguards. 

Accuracy: enhanced risk management

Attention to detail is everything in the building approvals industry. That’s why our software offers accurate data collection, streamlined record-keeping, and risk management & mitigation tools, such as comprehensive checklists to ensure that all processes are followed correctly. 

With our software, nothing falls through the cracks,  so you can save time completing your jobs while reducing the risk of costly mistakes. What’s more, our software fully interfaces with NSW BPB Certification Data Reporting, and the VBA’s Building Activity Management System (BAMS).

In Visual Approvals, you can set your own customised access and security levels, too, keeping your data safe. 

Advantage: increased profitability

Every business needs a competitive advantage to succeed, especially in such a robust industry such as building and construction. That’s where Visual Approvals software comes in. 

Our cloud hosting options mean you don’t need to worry about purchasing expensive hardware to run the program, and you can reduce costs, including storage overheads, by managing all your core data from one integrated, online platform. 


With building certification software, you can streamline your operations, boost your business growth, and comply with the industry’s regulatory requirements. At Visual Approvals, we’re committed to offering the most comprehensive, risk-averse, and integrated building certification software available in Australia. For more information on our services, our Brand Promise, or our pricing plans, contact us now.