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Our primary objective is to simplify building approvals by putting powerful software into the hands of building certifiers and surveyors across Australia.


Ever since our inception in 1998, we have continued to immerse ourselves in the building certification industry. From our very first day we have worked closely with key stakeholders in the building approvals process, such as building certifiers, engineers, architects and town planners. This experience provided us with firsthand knowledge and feedback relating to the requirements and complexities of the building approvals process. Based on this information, we then built our software package with the aim of streamlining business processes and improving efficiency.

Our primary objective is to simplify building approvals by putting powerful software into the hands of building certifiers and surveyors across Australia.

The complex nature of the building certification process meant that this objective was not achieved overnight. However, our continued close industry collaboration and years of software functionality testing and refinement, have now paid dividends. We are proud to offer a building approval software solution which checks all the boxes, streamlines the complete building approval process, and equips certifiers with everything they need to excel.

Our desire to meet the evolving requirements of the building certification industry means that we continue to engage with the industry and seek further opportunities for improvement. Visual Approvals is dedicated to meeting the changing building approval requirements and regulatory standards in each state and territory, whilst delivering valuable efficiency savings to the building and construction industries.

From the Director

How did $3.50 cup of coffee send me on a journey to build the most integrated and comprehensive building certification software available in Australia today?
In 1998 the State of Queensland introduced its own private building certification system, with the aim of improving the building approval system’s efficiency and flexibility whilst providing a choice of service providers.

At that time, I wrote software for a variety of industries including hospitals, football clubs, dental laboratories and time share resorts just to name a few. However, on this fateful day, I was early for an appointment so sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee and read the paper.  I settled in for a relaxing half hour. I was struck by an article announcing the privatisation of the building certification industry in Queensland. I immediately contacted the largest of the newly established private certification companies and arranged for a presentation later that day.

That company, now known as Building Certification Group became the first client of Visual Approvals and the rest they say is history.

We write software for the Building Surveying Industry, it is all we do.  If you’re a building surveyor & would like to know more about Visual Approvals, then speak to us today.

Andre Chevallier-Knospe
Director, Visual Approvals


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