Are you ready for BAMS?

The VBA is changing the way in which the building permit levy is paid to the VBA, and building surveyors will be required to obtain a building permit number before issuing a building permit. These changes come into effect from July 1, 2019.

The VBA is developing an online system – known as the Building Activity Management System or BAMS, to issue building permit numbers and receive payment of the building permit levy.

It is our understanding that each application will require the population of approx. 65 mandatory fields prior to permit issue and an additional 22 types of data after issue.

BAMS will accept two methods of submission, either a manual individual application process or a bulk application upload. Manual submission of data through BAMS will add a considerable overhead to most building surveying businesses. How will this affect you?

We’re here to help with BAMS.

As a leading industry software vendor, with over 20 years experience, Visual Approvals is currently in consultation with the Victorian Building Authority. We are undertaking the development required to support the implementation of these reforms.

Visual Approvals certification software will simplify the VBA levy and permit number application process. Will your current software provider be able to offer you the same result?

If your business currently uses an outdated or unsupported certification software platform such as Datapro, we are here to help.

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For more information on the VBA reforms and BAMS, click here