31 05, 2021
  • #challengeacceptedaac

All over for another year, #ChallengeAcceptedAAC

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Major Sponsor, Visual Approvals exhibited at the 2021 Challenge Accepted AAC Conference held recently at the Star Event Centre in Darling Harbour.  Following last year’s success as an online event, this year the AAC committee promoted the conference as a hybrid event with over 300 delegates attending and many more participating in the sessions via

10 05, 2021
  • digital solution

The Digital Transition for Building Certification

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The number of building projects in Australia is rising. In March of 2021, the seasonally adjusted estimate for total dwellings approved rose by 17.4%. When you look at changes over the last year, the numbers are even more striking. From March of 2020 to March of this year, approvals increased by 47.4%. High demand puts

1 03, 2021
  • PI Insurance

Why PI Insurance is So Important for Your Project

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From large-scale town planning projects right through to individual building applications, insurance plays a critical role across the construction industry. One of the most important types of insurance you need for your project is professional indemnity (PI) insurance. Let's take a look at some of the factors that make this type of coverage critical to

1 02, 2021
  • NCC

What to Expect from the NCC (National Construction Code) in 2021 and Beyond

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In May of 2021, the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) will release the Public Comment Draft of the 2022 National Construction Code (NCC). This draft is designed to give builders and associated entities the chance to familiarise themselves with changes to the NCC before they are put into action. The update will cover various aspects of construction

4 01, 2021
  • Town Planning

Town Planning for Tomorrow: The Trends to Watch in Urban Development

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Our towns and cities are crucial to our health, safety, economy, and culture. This is why we need to pay close attention to urban development, town planning, building permits and approvals, and many other elements so we can understand what the urban centres of tomorrow will look like. Take a look at some of the

30 11, 2020
  • Building certification software

Bridging the Gap: Bringing Together Building Certification Software and Local Government

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There are many links in the business regulation chain – perhaps a few too many. As any business owner knows, when processes get too complicated, problems can begin to arise – problems such as inefficiencies, bottle necks, and potential stumbling blocks. Let's consider building regulations on a macro level. These regulations are designed to protect

2 11, 2020
  • combustible cladding

Combustible Cladding Issues in Australia: The Latest Regulations in QLD, NSW and VIC

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In the wake of the Lacrosse Tower incident in Melbourne and London's fatal Grenfell Tower fire, there is now considerable anxiety around the use of combustible cladding. Australia's authorities quickly drafted a range of new legislation designed to offer an effective response to the dangers posed by this cladding. So, what does this mean for building

21 09, 2020
  • PI insurance exemption period

QLD Government extends PI Insurance exemption period for Private Building Certifiers

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The ‘exemption period’ that allows building certifiers to hold professional indemnity insurance with an exclusion relating to external cladding has been extended from 30 June 2021 to 30 June 2022.  This extension to the ‘exemption period’ allows private building certifiers to hold an exclusion on their professional indemnity insurance policies for a further 12-months. To read the full