3 04, 2017
  • looking in the cloud

Looking in the clouds for a Building Certification solution?

Have you ever questioned whether the cloud really is the best deployment method for your business?  Have you made your decision to purchase, purely on the basis that the vendor only sells a cloud solution? Before you sign that contract, take the time to read this article.  It discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages

13 03, 2017

12 Reasons why Visual Approvals equips you to excel

As a building certification company,  we know it can be difficult for you to stay on top of everything.  What with chasing up clients for information, obtaining permits and staying current with legislation, it's often hard to keep your head above water.  And that's all BEFORE you begin working on a job or managing the

6 03, 2017

Do your tools support the regulations of the building surveying industry?

What tools are building surveyors using to meet the strict regulations as defined by governing regulatory bodies in a dynamic industry like Construction?  What strategies are available for individual risk management? How do you maintain the quality and accuracy of relevant building documentation?  What would you do if you needed to demonstrate a distinct business

30 01, 2017

Don’t miss CPD Solutions; A Day on Fire!

CPD Solutions launches its 2017 seminar program with 'A Day on Fire' in Brisbane on Friday 24th February. This one-day seminar is designed for Building Surveyors and Fire Engineers.  Presented by professional speakers, this full day on 'fire' will include current updates whilst providing ample opportunity to ask questions on the various topics. Presenters and Sponsors include:

23 01, 2017

5 questions to help navigate your search for building certification software!

Are you sitting in your office surrounded by files and struggling to find the time to improve manual procedures?  Do you often think it is time to take your business into the 21st century by embracing the digital world, but not sure how?  Selecting a software system to manage your building certification business, is not

16 01, 2017

Can you afford NOT to backup to the Cloud?

CPD Solutions wrapped up a highly successful 2016 culminating with the QLD seminar held on Thursday 24th November in Logan.  Andre Chevallier-Knospe, Director of Visual Approvals was delighted to speak to the course attendees regarding the adoption of technology in the certification industry.  However, after experiencing an incident earlier in the week, Andre changed the

9 01, 2017

Do your system policies withstand the scrutiny of the PI Insurer?

Misconduct inquiries conducted by the various Australian building authority bodies, often raise questions about a firm's Quality Assurance or Systems & Risk Management strategies.  If found to be inadequate, businesses could be looking at large legal bills, possible fines or suspension, as well as the flow on effect of increased professional indemnity insurance premiums. Although, Insurers offering Professional Indemnity Insurance