• COVID-19

COVID-19: It’s business as usual for Visual Approvals

Visual Approvals has long since conducted business within the digital economy, operating in a secure cloud environment. Therefore we are well-placed to continue to support and serve our clients throughout the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Our team is used to working in a mobile environment and they are very familiar with working from home. We use a range of digital communication tools in which we communicate with you today, including Microsoft Teams and other video platforms such as Zoom and Team Viewer in addition to the telephone and email. Therefore, you can continue to contact our team through your regular channels of communication.

In line with the evolving government regulations we’ve paused all business travel, and all meetings will be conducted via digital conference.

We wish you and yours the best and hope you stay safe and healthy during the coming weeks. Visual Approvals is here to help and support you during these unprecedented times.