Cut expensive and time-wasting no-shows with SMS

In an ideal world, every time inspectors and builders made an appointment, everyone would arrive without delays or cancellations. But life gets busy and circumstances change constantly. Last minute changes often mean wasted time and effort in getting to an inspection that should have been rescheduled. It doesn’t take many no-show appointments to turn an organised, fully-booked day into an unproductive nightmare.

How do you best manage these scheduling changes? SMS is a quick and easy way to confirm or reschedule appointments instantly. SMS reminders enable instant communication between inspectors, builders, and any other parties to confirm or reschedule appointments.

Visual Approvals has simplified how you connect with your clients. SMS outstrips traditional appointment reminders, such as phone calls or emails, in effectiveness and immediacy. With 90% of text messages read within 90 seconds of arrival, your SMS reaches customers instantly and on the device they carry constantly. A reminder in the form of a simple text message can dramatically reduce these lost opportunities by as much as 45%.

Some of the key benefits of SMS for your business include:

1. Reduced no-shows and missed inspections
2. Appointments rescheduled easily
3. A full diary
4. Improved client communication
5. Better customer experience
6. Reduced appointment administration time
7. Improved staff productivity
8. Recouped revenue
9. Enhanced outcomes for clients

Sending SMS appointment reminders to clients is essential in maximising these benefits and running your business smoothly. Automatic reminders could be the single most important thing to ensure your appointment stays foremost in clients’ minds and your business boosts efficiency.

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