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We’ll see you at the NCC 2019 Sprinkler requirements seminar this April in Brisbane

It’s been a busy first quarter for CPD Solutions with a road show of seminars throughout North Queensland featuring the topic ‘Safer Buildings for Queensland’. The next CPD Solutions seminar to be held in Brisbane on 10 April 2019, will run through the NCC 2019 Sprinkler requirements plus Wet Fire Systems & their Performance with new and important Industry and Certification issues to discuss:

• NCC 2019 Sprinkler requirements, National and QDC Impacts Class 2 and 3 and beyond
• Hydrants – New Design aspects, Systems coupled to domestic service,
• Block Plans, involving existing systems for alterations to existing buildings – MP6.1
• Fire Structure challenges, owners, Body Corporates
• Operational Fire Fighting Procedures
• Real-time examples with Group Discussion

This seminar aims to provide Building Surveyors, Hydraulic designers, Engineers, Services Trades and Property Consultants better understanding of the new NCC 2019 Sprinkler requirements, Wet Fire Systems, and their performance. This seminar gives everyone within the industry a chance to discuss some of the most common issues and what to document for in the certification process. This seminar will provide valuable insight to NCC 2019 changes, system training, networking and current updates for compliance. For more information click here

Andre Chevallier-Knospe, Director of Visual Approvals will be in attendance at this seminar. Andre looks forward to catching up with Michelle, the seminar speakers and meeting the attendees throughout the day. He is available to answer any questions you may have regarding Visual Approvals.

Visual Approvals is a proud supporter of CPD Solutions.

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