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Rebuilding after the Bushfire Crisis

After a National Tragedy; Making Sure Rebuilding Efforts Meet Standards and Regulations

Natural disasters tear communities apart and upend the lives of individuals and families. No one can bear witness to the destruction of homes and the surrounding natural environment without a powerful sense of loss and tragedy.

Despite the present pain, we must rebuild, grow, and improve, if we are to prepare for challenges that the future may bring.

Rebuild to a Higher Standard

Reconstruction of houses and businesses lost in the recent fire emergency will, in many cases, require modernisation. This especially true of structures built prior to the destructive 2009 fires that destroyed over 2,000 homes and other buildings.

While primary regulation of building construction remains in the hands of state and local authorities, the federal National Construction Code emphasises building performance in the face of future fire emergencies.

Building certifiers and surveyors also need to stay abreast of other regulatory and legal developments as they happen.

The Task Ahead

Rebuilding properly means restoring homes and other businesses in the proper way. In the past, researching code and applying for the proper permits, approvals, and other necessary actions has consumed tremendous resources from building surveyors, certifiers, and others.

All too often, neglecting a detail in the approval process can set a construction project back anywhere from a few days to months. With families waiting to get back into safe and comfortable homes, the ability to track every step of a sometimes confusing approval process is even more essential now than ever.

We designed our software system to connect builders, contractors, building certifiers, and other important stakeholders with needed information on a vital process. Its proven effectiveness has helped many building surveyors get the job done faster.

Today, integrated building certification software from Visual Approvals can cut the time needed to submit proper requests and gain necessary approvals.

Reach Out Today

Visual Approvals serves a vital need for those instrumental to the rebuilding process, especially building certifiers and surveyors. We shorten the approval process by making it more efficient.

This not only makes the approval job easier, but advances the vital goal of getting families back into homes.

Our goal lies in providing needed software support to those who are helping to rebuild our shattered communities. Please call us on 03 9038 8040 if you have any questions about our products or services. We can also schedule an appointment to demonstrate how our software can assist these essential efforts.

We appreciate and salute all who have pitched in to start the nationwide rebuilding efforts.