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Feature Spotlight: SMS Messaging

SMS messaging is the latest smart feature from Visual Approvals that will help you save time and improve your client communication when booking inspections. This functionality will send a text message to the Site Contact assigned to an inspection, prompting the recipient to either reconfirm or reschedule the booking.

SMS messaging is simple to use and fast to setup.

Firstly, and most importantly, the Site Contact must have a valid Australian mobile number associated to their record in Visual Approvals. Generate messages easily for either an individual inspection or en masse via the daily Inspection Run Sheet. The message includes the inspection booking details as well as your inspection phone number, so it’s easy for a Site Contact to get in touch with you.

With SMS messaging, maintaining the accuracy of your Inspection Calendar is simplified. It helps reduce the risk of Inspectors turning up onsite to find jobs not yet ready for inspection. Save your team time and reduce unnecessary business expense with Visual Approvals smart SMS messaging.

Visual Approvals uses an Australian premium SMS service with a guaranteed up-time and an expectation that messages will arrive within 2 seconds of being sent.

For more information about Visual Approvals’ SMS messaging, please speak to your Client Relationship Manager on 07 3117 0520 or 03 9038 8040.