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Our clients share their experience of Visual Approval.s

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Kevin Mizen, Building Certifier and Owner of South West Building Certification states that Visual Approvals is a game-changer.

Visual Approvals has been a game-changer for us; we love it. It saves us so much time, and the processes are so much simpler. The fact that a new job has an instant checklist is a big help. The checklists are far more in-depth than what we previously used. We are pleased we decided to go with Visual Approvals, and we’re looking forward to the next steps.

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Gareth Martin, Director and Building Certifier of 3 Codes Building Certification states that VA = Choice.

Imagine every piece of building legislation you operate under built into a software program. That’s VA.

Now think of all the other software programs that you use for HR, CRM, Accounting, Sales, Email, Word processing, Task distribution and Workflow Management. VA does that too. VA = choice.

Choose to be all in and use every feature or choose to be all out and use it for the bare minimum. Either way, VA just works.

Single building certifier or multi-office multi-discipline firm with support staff. Either way, VA just works.

After using VA for 14 years, I wouldn’t choose anything else.

Emergent Building Approvals

Carmel Chambers, Office Manager & Director of Emergent Building Approvals declares Visual Approvals generally makes life easier.

We operate our business across two offices and having all the information in Visual Approvals for each job makes it very easy for everyone to work from the one system. When I initially compared Visual Approvals to other programs I quickly realised that everything is setup and ready to use so it was an easy decision. Visual Approvals also came very highly recommended from other building certifiers.  Visual Approvals has exceeded my expectations. It is very easy to use and to understand and therefore I can do my job efficiently.

If you’re thinking of moving to Visual Approvals then go for it. The team is there to help with anything from start to finish, nothing is too hard to sort out. Visual Approvals generally makes your life easier.

Anderson Group

Tim Anderson, Director of Anderson Group highly recommends Visual Approvals!

The great plus with VA is that it is paperless! Everything is electronic from the signing of documents to onsite inspections with tablets, we do not keep any hard copy files and we use a lot less paper. VA has made the entire permit process far more efficient.  I would highly recommend VA!

Caloundra Building Approvals

Bruce Milgate, Director and Building Certifier states that Visual Approvals has enabled their firm to go paperless.

“Visual Approvals is a logical program and I have complete trust that all of the knowledge is stored in the right place especially with the number of files that come in. It means I don’t have to remember everything. With Visual Approvals our documents are all auto populated which has enabled us to go paperless. We also use their long-term cloud storage facility to back-up everything offsite.

Gayle from their Support team is very helpful and quick to get back to me. I like how she can view my computer and I can show her exactly what I am doing which means I get a faster response to my questions.”

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Ken Murray, Founder and Building Certifier finds Visual Approvals easy to work with!

“When I think of Visual Approvals the word that comes to mind is ‘easy’.  Visual Approvals provides easier access to each file, it’s easy to create reports, electronic filing with the councils is easy, it’s easy to do QLeave and QBCC returns, it has many searchable fields making it quick and easy to find and retrieve information.

Their customer support team is great to work with. Overall, they do a very good job for us and Visual Approvals helps us deliver quality support for our clients, increasing our client’s delight.”


David Kors, Building Surveyor, Daville Building Surveying is impressed with the support provided by the Visual Approvals team.

“We have been using Visual Approvals for around three years now and continue to be impressed with not only the software but the backup and support provided by Andre and his team.

Since changing over to VA, we have been able to streamline our assessment processes whilst maintaining a consistent approach to the assessments via the checklist system, work remotely with ease, and move to a virtually paperless office.”

Chris Easton, Director/Principal Certifier Cornerstone Building Certification achieves scalable growth with Visual Approvals’ robust and stable platform.

“When Cornerstone commenced, it was important to make sure we were starting out with the best certification software available to the market. Our aim was to grow into our data systems needs so that our business growth wasn’t restricted at critical growth stages. Visual Approval has consistently enabled us to develop our business growth with robust platform options and program stability.

VA supports all the aspects of our business from the assessment and inspection stages, processing of council applications, document generation,  invoicing and ordering requirements as well emailing. VA also provides clear and accurate checking processes for our staff and allows easy tracking of a job’s progress.

Cornerstone is proud to be associated with Visual Approvals and we have great confidence that they will continue to support our certification office well into the future.”


Jason Bird, Building Certifier, Brisbane Certification Group appreciates Visual Approvals’ comprehensive building approval package

“While there are other building approval software packages out there, no other package I know of does as much as Visual Approvals.

It handles much more than just approvals — it’s a complete business package that enables you to manage, monitor and audit your finances, issue decision notices, make on screen assessments, electronically annotate plans, and much more.

Our productivity has improved markedly since we implemented Visual Approvals — I was especially impressed by the way in which the software allows us to store all our business and approval data in a single secure and convenient location.

With Visual Approvals we can access all the information, records, and documentation that relates to a particular job easily and securely. This makes it much easier to keep track of the progress of the job, chase up any outstanding documentation and keep things moving along efficiently.

I would recommend Visual Approvals to anyone looking for a way to streamline their approvals process”.

Geoff Mitchell, Managing Director, GMA Certification Group was impressed by Visual Approvals exceptional customer service, and tailoring of the software to meet his specific building approval requirements

“We have been using Visual Approvals software for many years now and, as one of the largest users of the software, we have been especially happy with the way the team at Visual Approvals has listened to us and tailored the package to suit our needs.

It has certainly streamlined our approvals process and has become an integral part of the way we do business every day.

As the Managing Director of a company that spans the state, I find Visual Approvals’ networking capabilities invaluable. The software enables us to store all our information securely on a single server, which is updated automatically.

Prior to using Visual Approvals, we had database and archive systems, which were much harder to manage.

With Visual Approvals these functions are integrated into a single package. This means we are able to easily keep track of all data and activities that take place within the company.

From an administrative point of view it is great because it gives us the ability to maintain control of all that’s going on within the company. For example, we can set up individual user accounts with different access capabilities and keep a record of which staff members have viewed and edited a particular file.

In short, Visual Approvals has been written for the way we, as certifiers, do business. It takes a lot of the “guess work” out of the approval process and gives us confidence that all the details are taken care of and all the data for each project is securely stored.”

Meegan O’Brien, Office Manager, Regional Certification Group finds the Visual Approvals building approval system incredibly efficient and user-friendly

“Visual Approvals allows us to take care of everyday data entries quickly and efficiently.

Whether we are submitting applications, doing up permits, annotating plans or drawing up invoices, Visual Approvals is incredibly user-friendly. The system makes it easy for us to deliver the best possible results to our clients.

With Visual Approvals we are able to set up all the background information we need for different types of jobs and call it up as and when we need it.

For example, prior to using Visual Approvals, we would have to manually sign and stamp each copy of the plans, but the software allows us to electronically annotate the plans, scan them in and print out as many copies as we like. This has dramatically improved our productivity.

We can also scan council building conditions and other relevant documents into the system and recall them easily when we need them. So we know what we need for each job, and we can keep all the documents for that particular job is a single, convenient and secure location.

Managing and monitoring inspections can be challenging, but with Visual Approvals we are able to track activities, and investigate and respond to any complaints as they arise.

The Visual Approvals team also provides us with exceptional service and technical support. Whenever we ring them up, they always respond promptly with advice and assistance. 

Heath McNab, Director at Modern Building Certifiers appreciates the single source of truth and a paperless office.

As a startup company our biggest obstacle was costs, but this was a relatively minor issue. We knew VA would pay for itself in the short term. A great deal of our work is repetitive, I sought a system that could ensure information was entered once and then that information could be manipulated and used in various forms as necessary. VA could achieve this and was somewhat customisable. VA could also ensure that we could be paperless and ensure our work is stored electronically for simple retrieval and review.

The three biggest benefits of using Visual Approvals Certification Software would have to be:

  1. The speed at which we can serve our clients.
  2. The reduction in administrative staff to perform the same function due to VA simplification.
  3. The consistency the software can provide across our company ensuring we are all performing and viewing aspects in the same manner

VA is a necessity for any serious Building Surveyor / Certifier. It simplifies the process and ensures a high level of service to the client. The support is fantastic with response times generally the same day.

Ain Kuru, Director at Professional Certification Group applauds the electronic document management and Visual Inspector app.

We were working with Council’s Pathway system which was very difficult to navigate and not designed specifically for managing building approvals. As a result, we were losing clients, time and money dealing with applications which were lost in the system. Also, it took a lot of time and resources to train staff to be able to use the system. VA is a complete package which includes: Electronic approval and inspections; Integrated accounting; and Document management.

Three benefits in using Visual Approvals would have to be:

  1. Being able to manage the approval process electronically, including marking up plans
  2. Keeping records on-site
  3. The use of IPads on-site to undertake inspections

Easy to use software which enables you to run a paperless office, easily monitor your business and largely maintain control of business processes.

Troy Walters, Director TWC Group loves the increased efficiency and flexibility afforded by Visual Approvals.

We did a cost cutting exercise across all of our expenditure 18 months ago and this included our software/IT costs.  I also wanted to find an easier way to undertake electronic certification over the method our previous software provider offered. Visual Approvals is amazing compared to every other system I have seen. The shear efficiency of doing everything…..Providing electronic approvals to clients with a system designed to do this (not some added option or workaround process)….It’s just a more efficient way of working.

Being able to issue permits electronically has allowed me to be more flexible in the way I work, remote from the office, at home etc

The system is the best I’ve seen, the support is great, always prompt and effective, the pricing structure while different to most other packages, I feel it is a better way of paying for an IT package. It’s a “no brainer”.