Key Features

From preliminary assessment through to final approval, Visual Approvals streamlines the complex building certification process – saving your business time and money. With software accessible online from desktop or smart mobile device, your staff can work from any location, at any time, and to complete any required task – search information, view documents, edit information or review job status.

Customer Relationship Management

Visual Approvals helps you better manage your business interactions and build more meaningful customer relationships with a purpose-built CRM database. Designed specifically to meet the needs of your business, the database is searchable, centrally accessible and easily updated. This means, regardless of the type of interaction (via email, phone or website), and the contact source (client, builder, supplier, applicant or owner) – relevant and up-to-date information is always available.

architecture and home renovation concept - builder with blueprint shaking partner handThe Visual Approvals CRM database allows the full range of customer information to be seamlessly organised and accessed via a single dashboard. Information captured can include customer contact details, a record of all prior communications, and business critical licence and registration details. This one source of truth approach gives you the confidence to know that your business interactions are always based on the most recent information.
Aside from providing you with the means to capture the details of your most recent business interactions, the Visual Approvals CRM database tracks the full history of these interactions. This includes a record of all customer data such as communications, meetings held, and documents shared. Regardless of which employee is managing the most recent interaction, they will have instant access to that customer’s complete history. This gives your clients valuable continuity of service and the assurance that their particular needs are understood. The accurate tracking of information also helps your business to grow by improving the management of repeat customers and nurturing valuable business relationships.
Business Analysis, Digital Tablet with Financial Charts on Office Table

Beyond the direct capture of customer contacts and business interactions, the Visual Approvals CRM database can also perform a range of accounting functionalities. This includes defining client specific pricing and flexible debtor strategies such as applying credit control limits direct to individual customers. This added functionality helps you to strengthen your customer relationships, by giving you a more comprehensive picture of your customers at a glance, and increasing your data analysis capabilities.


Visual Approvals manages your complete, end-to-end job costing and quotation process, including quote development, issue, follow-up, status (open or closed), and review (analysis of conversion or non-conversion). Our fully integrated software helps you save time, improve your job estimates and organise your business more efficiently.

Rather than waste your time manually configuring quotes, re-calculating the same project fees or trying to recall quotes for similar jobs, the inbuilt Visual Approvals Knowledge base will revolutionise your quotation process and maximise your business productivity. Visual Approvals allows your team to customise and generate quotes quickly and easily by automating the calculation process through the selection of pre-defined service categories or custom fee amounts. The Knowledge base also provides for greater costing consistency, by allowing quotes for previous jobs to be quickly accessed and compared.
Key Features - Quote- Automate Quotes (Conversion Wizard)Eliminate the need to manage paper records and manual files for each quote you create. Visual Approvals electronic document management system allows you to store copies of all relevant documents, regardless of whether they were originally sourced in hard or soft copy. So when it comes time to produce a quote, you’ll be able to draw the information you need into your own fully customisable template with the Visual Approvals easy merge features. Once your quote is approved, our conversion wizard will quickly convert information into an open job, without the need to re-enter data.


The Visual Approvals Applications module has the flexibility to manage everything from the very simplest to the most complex of jobs. With a comprehensive set of features, relevant application information can either be keyed in directly, or simply drawn in from approved quotes.

The Visual Approvals Applications module captures complex information with ease, allowing multiple job files with multiple assessment types to be recorded within one application. This comprehensive approach means that complex jobs which require multiple layers of definition and approval, need no longer be out of your reach.
Successful architect team checking the projects on a tablet

Streamline your application data entry by selecting from a pre-defined list of your key contacts, such as clients, applicants, owners, builders and architects. Of course there is also the flexibility to enter additional licensed practitioners at any stage throughout the application process. Visual Approvals saves your staff time and increases business efficiency by allowing the easy nomination of your Administrative Officer, Assessment Officer, Certifier and Principal Certifying Authority (PCA).

blueprints, tablet, calculator and pen in a construction site

Keeping track of, and monitoring the status of your application paperwork has never been simpler. Using pre-defined templates, you’re able to generate all types of project documentation, including forms and customer correspondence. The Applications module also allows you to store copies of all the documents you receive regardless of format, with our simple drag-and-drop functionality. So that all related communications are centrally stored, you’re also able to send and receive emails by simply dragging and dropping them into the application. You can monitor workloads at a glance by setting tasks, add reminders and track documents through each stage.


Traditionally process-heavy and time-consuming, the Approvals module cuts through the complexity and streamlines the entire process. With Visual Approvals, your staff will save time, and your clients will also benefit from a more efficient customer experience.

Photo Concept of Audit Check listWith automatic checks for the currency of relevant checklists, building conditions, certificates and inspection processes, Visual Approvals ensures your staff are working with only the most relevant documents. By working with the Approvals module, you’ll have complete confidence that your business will meet all of your customer’s planning, permit and building regulations, as required by relevant State and National regulatory bodies.
With the unique ability to create and centrally store a repository of virtual stamps, building conditions and authorised signatures, your staff will save valuable processing time. Your business productivity will also increase dramatically, by taking advantage of the Visual Approvals’ integrated plan functionality which features inbuilt annotation, stamps and in-line mark-up tools.
Smartphone and padlock is lying on a laptop keyboardVisual Approvals supports multiple levels of security, including definition of user-specific or role-specific access, and the ability to apply password protection functionality. This means that you have complete control over employee access to Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) information within the system.


Monitoring the complete site inspection process becomes effortless with Visual Approvals. The Inspection Booking module lets you readily determine staff availability, quickly schedule bookings, and seamlessly integrate with the Visual Inspector mobile app. This in-built functionality means your staff will be able to work more efficiently and ensures your business productivity will vastly improve.

Key Features - Inspections - Virtually Manage Inspections (Graphical Interface)The graphical interface of the Inspection Booking module allows you to immediately view the availability of inspectors and assign inspection tasks quickly and easily. By receiving system-generated notifications regarding inspector location, you’ll be able to schedule inspections more efficiently, and your inspectors will waste less time travelling unnecessarily across long distances.
Introduce greater consistency into your inspection process, by standardising and automating as much or as little as you’d like. You might like to increase consistency through the implementation of user-defined inspection checklists. Or perhaps achieve a greater level of process standardisation by allowing the system to generate automated responses. Whatever your preference, Visual Approvals makes it possible.
Key Features - Inspections - Seamless Mobile Integration
The most impressive benefit of the Inspection Booking module is the way it seamlessly integrates with the Visual Inspector mobile app, providing for on-the-job updates. This integration means your inspectors don’t have to rely on generic system-defined inspection checklists and they no longer have to carry paper files, making double data entry a distant memory. Better yet, the Visual Inspector mobile app integration does not require any additional module fees.

Visual Inspector

The Visual Inspector mobile app allows inspectors to complete site inspections using a mobile device running iOS, Android or Windows Operating Systems. Integrating with the Visual Inspector module, the Visual Inspector mobile app increases efficiency and removes the need to maintain paper copies of inspection documents.

Give your inspectors the ability to manage their inspection workload for the day, by reviewing scheduled inspections, recording information and updating job status via a smart –mobile device. Although information is managed electronically via the app, there’s no need for inspectors to have an internet connection whilst working out-of-office. Every piece of information relevant to their scheduled inspections, such as notes, plans and checklists are easily accessible via the app. Give your business a competitive edge by ensuring that distance from the office is no barrier to work efficiency.
Customise your Visual Inspector mobile app experience by defining and storing your own checklists for each inspection type. This means you’ll never be presented with generic or irrelevant checklist items, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing the potential for error. Whenever the status of an inspection changes, your inspectors are able to immediately update the job in the system. By incorporating this level of currency into the app, the inspection process becomes much more transparent, and allows your customers to receive an immediate response on the progress of their job.
Key Features - Visual Inspector - Simplify Inspection Record Keeping (plans)With one mobile device, your inspector has the ability to record, update and review the full range of inspection information. This includes taking, marking-up and uploading photos; editing notes and automated responses; and reviewing past inspection reports. Results specific to each inspection are uploaded to Visual Approvals via an easy sync process, whenever the mobile device connects back online.

Accounting Financials

The only way to achieve a truly connected, fully integrated business is through the support of a dependable, highly accurate accounting system. The Visual Approvals Accounting Financials module gives your staff access to accurate, up-to-date customer financial information. With Visual Approvals, your staff will have clear visibility of financial records, enabling them to respond immediately to customer queries, and thereby improve customer satisfaction.

Invoices keyboard and folderVisual Approvals makes generating invoices a quick and easy process. The automated highlighting tools within the Accounting Financials module, allows you to readily identify jobs with outstanding payments owing.

Similar to the ease of invoice generation, purchase orders are simple to create and customise. Multiple purchase orders can be applied against relevant jobs, so that, if desired, you’re able to create a Profit and Loss Statement for each job.

Manage your business accounts and financial records in the same system which manages your core business data and information. Reduce business costs associated with maintaining multiple systems and the need to train staff in different packages by having your entire team work within one system.

background_charts1Visual Approvals saves your staff time by eliminating the need to manually collate and cross-reference information. Instead the Accounting Financials module provides for the immediate production of financial reports, allowing your staff to focus on high priority issues that directly contribute to the financial success of your business.


Visual Approvals’ seamlessly integrates with Xero offering building certification business owners a new level of flexibility, security, reliability and time-saving tools to further develop your business. Integration with Xero means no double handling and no manual processes. All sales & purchase invoices are automatically created in Xero from Visual Approvals with the click of one blue button. This solution means your finance team doesn’t need training in Visual Approvals and your Admin team doesn’t need training in Xero. It’s so simple, it’s beautiful!

We call it…Simply Beautiful Integration.

xero beautiful accounting software


Visual Approvals provides you with more than 40 standard system-defined reports, helping you to stay informed about all aspects of your business. If you require additional customised reports, you can choose to use your own in-house capabilities or engage the Visual Approvals technical team to create them for you. All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel, which provides you with endless possibilities to extract and analyse data, enabling you to better manage your business.