Product Overview

From preliminary assessment through to final approval, Visual Approvals streamlines the complex building certification process – saving your business time and money. With software accessible online from desktop or smart mobile device, your staff can work from any location, at any time, and to complete any required task – search information, view documents, edit information or review job status.

Summary of Benefits

Track Every Detail

  • Purpose-built, adaptable software designed to meet the specific needs of your business, both now and in the future
  • Comprehensive CRM lets you manage business interactions with ease, whilst ensuring only the most up-to-date, relevant information is accessed by your employees
  • Electronically track information at every stage of the approval process via a single dashboard, including task reminders and notifications
  • Capture and manage information from multiple sources and across different business locations
  • Review the history of your interactions with key contacts, without needing to reference hardcopy files

Powerful Data Integration

  • Ensure the accuracy and consistency of data by entering information via our intuitive, user-friendly dashboard interface
  • Standardised, pre-defined templates designed to meet the requirements of your relevant state PCA, with the ability to automatically draw in relevant information to save you time
  • Capture complex information easily and efficiently by importing additional documents directly into the system
  • Complete integration with Council systems for easy access to the very latest legislative and documentation requirements
  • Search and review information based on specific criteria, including building application, key contacts or PCA

Consolidate Complex Information

  • Integrated plan functionality with the ability to store, distribute, annotate and approve electronically
  • Store soft copies of relevant documents regardless of their source, combining required information as needed to produce one unified building approval report
  • Securely and accurately capture sensitive single or multi-page documents against particular building approvals
  • Control and coordinate multiple jobs simultaneously using the unique Work-In-Progress reporting system
  • Effortlessly monitor site inspection processes with the Visual Inspector mobile app

Reliable Communication Processes

  • Streamline data entry and reduce manual information handling by pre-defining your key contacts within the system
  • Efficiently generate and accurately distribute reports
  • Maximise productivity with the Visual Approvals Knowledge Base which records information related to every application, with user-friendly accurate search functionality built-in
  • Save time by monitoring your complete site inspection process via a graphical interface which allows inspections to be scheduled, allocated, tracked and updated

Fully Integrated Software

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency by managing core business data, information, business accounts and financial records within one centralised system
  • Gain access to accurate, up-to-date customer account information, including the ability to generate invoices, monitor payments and track job-related expenses
  • Maintain complete control over stored information by selecting your preferred level of security, authority and access
  • Full integration with third party accounting programs

Hosting Flexibility

  • Operation within a dedicated in-house server, local network environment is readily supported, with hardware maintenance and upgrades provided by your local IT support.
  • Cloud hosting removes the worry and cost associated with purchasing and maintaining additional hardware, providing 24 hour, location-independent access, and a highly secure environment

 Flexible, Subscription-based Licensing

Visual Approvals works on a subscription basis, with a monthly royalty fee applying dependent on the number of assessments/approvals undertaken during the month. While the subscription model is totally scalable, the access you receive is never limited. You will always receive full access to the entire software package.

Read more about our pricing strategy.