• Victorian building regulations 2018

Victorian Building Regulations 2018 – We’re ready, are you?

On Saturday 2nd June, the new Victorian Building Regulations 2018 came into effect.

Visual Approvals can confirm that Visual Approvals certification software is ready for Victorian Building Surveyors to commence work with the regulatory changes today!

To ensure that clients of Visual Approvals enjoy a smooth transition to this new regulatory process, the supplementary fields required to capture mandatory data have been implemented in the Visual Approvals application. As well as updates to the existing forms used by Surveyors (ie. building permit, occupancy permit etc), the regulations have introduced an additional ten forms to be used when the relevant scenario arises, for e.g. “Notice of imminent lapse of permit at completion of work”. All new and updated forms are now available as templates in Visual Approvals. Visual Approvals’ client services team has prepared a simple user guide to assist clients with the location of the new fields and their integration to the new forms. This guide is available for review on the Visual Approvals Knowledge Base.

Why the change?

The Building Regulation changes were introduced to improve the documentation of permits, to improve information for the regulator, the general public and building owners. The new Regulations also are designed to improve fire safety in multi-storey residential buildings. All Victorian registered building surveyors are required to conduct their application, permit and approval process in line with these new regulations. The regulations have been modernised to allow for electronic use of documents for permits. Visual Approvals is an electronic information management platform,  find out how to Go Paperless with Visual Approvals.

A summary overview of the Victorian Building Regulation changes can be downloaded here.

If your current provider struggles to meet regulatory deadlines, perhaps Visual Approvals is the answer to keep up with regulatory change. Call Visual Approvals today on 03 9038 8040. Our team is ready to assist in implementing the Victorian Building Regulations 2018 to your business.