• Visible Assist

Visual Approvals announces the launch of Visible Assist, a new approach to system administration

Visual Approvals is excited to announce the launch of Visible Assist, a new approach to system administration. Maintaining the setup of your critical business software, Visual Approvals, is not always considered to be a high business priority. However, like a well-engineered car, Visual Approvals can sometimes need a tune-up! Visible Assist is a new system administration package especially designed to assist VA clients with the ongoing administration of their certification software.  So let us look after your system configuration which will keep your business software performing to its optimal level.

Visible Assist means we manage the “Preferences” module of your Visual Approvals software including but not limited to:

  • Creating and maintaining new document templates and linkages
  • Creating and maintaining new document bins and linkages
  • Creating and maintaining building types & conditions
  • Creating and maintaining approval assessment and inspection checklists

Visible Assist can deliver many unrealised benefits to you and your team, here are just a few:

  • Visual Approvals will be accurately maintained enabling your business to operate even more efficiently
  • Accelerated turn- around times with change requests to system setup
  • Access to an internal Visual Approval’s expert
  • Take advantage of our in-house knowledge, speak to dedicated professional who is familiar with you and your business processes

Free your team to focus on what matters most to your business with Visible Assist.

Choose the plan that is right for you

Basic Assist Plan

The Basic Assist Plan includes application support of up to 5 hours per month. This plan is best suited for businesses that do not have internal power users with expertise in Visual Approvals or have recently had employee turnover.

Premium Assist Plan

The Premium Assist Plan includes application support of up to 10 hours per month. It is best for businesses with a large number of users, multiple branches or office locations. Premium Assist is also best suited for firms committed to the continuous process of improvement initiatives that drive productivity and results across their organisation.

For more information on Visible Assist, please contact your Visual Approvals representative on 03 9038 8040