• Visual Approvals Team Members

Get to know the team behind Visual Approvals

As Visual Approvals integrated certification software continues to lead the market, our talented team of experts bring a wealth of industry knowledge to our clients through our implementation, services and support offerings. We’d like to introduce to you two key members of the Visual Approvals Team:

Business Relationship Manager – Dean Wilson

Dean Wilson - Visual ApprovalsDean is valued member of the Visual Approvals team culminating in almost 8 years tenure. With practical experience in the industry stemming from 1998, Dean has spent time at the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and in private sector building surveying businesses. He has a background in Accounting and Business Systems Management and has previously worked in the banking and insurance sectors.

Having visited and spoken with in excess of 300 businesses in the building design, engineering and building certification industries across Australia, Dean understands the complexities they face as well as the approval process across all states of Australia.

Dean’s experience has given him extensive knowledge into the operations of certification businesses. He knows how to tailor training to meet a client’s needs, recommends industry best practice processes that drive productivity and profitability, while helping surveyors mitigate their business risk.

As Business Relationship Manager, Dean specialises in client relations, business analysis, streamlining processes, implementation and support services to ensure you experience the true value of your Visual Approvals software.

Software and Support Specialist – Gayle Yun

Gayle Yun - Visual ApprovalsGayle joined Visual Approvals in February of this year. She has been involved in the Victorian Building Surveying sector in an administrative (of the building permit process) and IT helpdesk support capacity for Building Surveyors for 16 years. Gayle has experience with several building permit systems and has built in-house data management systems, technical projects such as:

  • A database to track fee submission success, reporting, analytics; identify priority or potential priority clients for further business development and nurturing; dispensation library; track staff CPD points.
  • aged care certification (onsite data gathering, analytics and reporting to the Department of Social Science/Department of Health & Ageing) and
  • due diligence on facilities that require maintenance or repairs and costing of such work with interactive report for the client

Gayle is a highly qualified technical specialist that greets all our clients with a smile. She is empathetic, solutions focused and has a driven desire to deliver the best possible outcome for each Visual Approvals client.

We’re proud to be an Aussie business

Visual Approvals is a wholly owned and operated Australian business. And we’re proud of it! We started at the grass roots level and have 20 years of growth with the building certification industry. Visual Approvals was not bought out & further developed by a large technology firm nor do we outsource any of our services overseas. We are an Aussie small business that supports Building Surveying businesses Australia wide.

Like to know more? Call us on 07 3117 0517 or 03 9038 8040 to speak to one our industry experts today!