• Visual e-Sign

Electronic Signatures are here! with Visual e-Sign

The most recent release of Visual Approvals features another new integration offering, this time with DocuSign, the leading eSignature brand worldwide. With Visual e-Sign, digitally manage your entire agreement process and spend less time and money managing paperwork.

Documents can be emailed, digitally signed and when returned, are received back into VA instantaneously, delivering an even better user experience for your customers and employees. e-Signing can reduce the average waiting time for signatures from days to hours or even minutes. No matter where you are, e-Signing enables you to send or sign documents in real-time, keeping your projects on schedule.

To stay competitive in this market, your business can’t afford to waste time on administrative tasks like printing, faxing, scanning, organising couriers or even driving across town to get a document signed. Your team will be able to execute documents faster, reducing the time they spend following up and e-Signing increases compliance on processes. The cost savings, speed, and convenience of electronic signatures will make a significant and positive impact on your business, letting you focus on the things that matter!

Visual e-Sign is simple to implement and easy to use, your clients will love the convenience of doing business with you.

Visual Approvals is offering a special introductory offer to activate Visual e-Sign in your certification business. To find out more, call us on 03 9038 8040 or contact us.